3 years ago

2015 Toyota Sienna Surprises with Versatility and Kid Friendly Access

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Im not a mini-van fan. I find their looks lackluster, their size bulky and I think for the money, Id rather buy a truck. However, after driving around a 2015 Toyota Sienna Limited for a week, I could be persuaded.


3 years ago

Weekly Recap: Diesel scandal continues to fuel VW's woes

Volkswagen's woes continued this week when it was delisted from the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and stripped of awards. Senators are also lining up to advocate for criminal and civil action against the automaker, and its consumer reputation is read more...

3 years ago

Is the Modernica Case Study Planter Worth $200+?

I recently splurged on a case study planter from Modernica.

It was $189 USD, which is about $250 Canadian (yikes) read more...

3 years ago

How to Replace a Door With a Window

If you have an unnecessary exterior door in your home, you could replace it with read more...

3 years ago

Home Improvement Projects That Can Enhance Your Living Environment

Your happiness (or lack thereof) in your home can color the way you look at the rest of the world. Most people spend a lot of their time either at work or at home and if you work at home, that doubles the impact your house has in your life. You'll read more...

3 years ago

Home Improvement: Making Your Life the Best It Can Be

Every day of your life, your house makes a big impact on how you feel. We all spend most of our time at home or at work, and if you work out of your home, the impact that it has on you is enormous. If you take the time to improve and personalize y read more...

3 years ago

Do You Have a Desire To Modernize Your Bathroom?

Many of us want to carry out home improvements but generally do not make much of an effort to do it. Even with sufficient funds, impro read more...